We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Your car was created a Porsche. A true innovative sports car; born to embody the rich history and sports pedigree the name Porsche inspires.

We are dedicated to providing your Porsche the highest level of servicing and maintenance. Consider our team of Porsche expert mechanics your personal pit stop.

At our Hallam Workshop you can be confident that your car will receive the highest quality attention from experts who breath and live Porsche.

When a race car comes into the pits, it will be for one of two things.  A planned pit-stop or a major emergency. If your scheduled pit stops are carried out in accordance to the race plan, in meticulous detail, there is little chance of problems showing up during race day.

And so it is with your Porsche, regular servicing and maintenance will keep your car in top condition, better positioned to face the rigours of everyday driving.

Our team has been working with Porsche vehicles for over 15 years. Our passion for these special vehicles is what makes us different.

Experience the service your Porsche deserves.

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